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PHENOMENA - The Loswt and Forgotten Children  

PHENOMENA - the Lost and Forgotten Children

The moving story of one boy's journey through colonial New Zealand's insane asylum, with all its tragic, yet sometimes humorous, consequences.

JACK - just an ordinary dog in the dog house

Jack is anything but ordinary. He is a charismatic, comical canine, who decides to keep a diary of his stay at the boarding kennels.


Kindle Edition

Impulsive Miranda, at 29-years, inherits a substantial sum. She converts a run down sanatorium into a beach resort.

But now she knows she needs rescuing.

Perhaps her handsome guest, Jack, will do just that.
MIRANDA BAY Smashwords (All Other Formats)

 When the ROLLER COASTER Stops 

Bethany has inherited a specific gene, which has made her a candidate for colorectal cancer. She challenges her diagnosis; she is too young and she has too much life to live.

SEACLIFF - A Regular Boy Within
(NZ residents Only) (For Hard Copy, Contact Author)